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Museum of Marzipans in Hungary

Museum of Marzipans in Hungary

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If you are in Hungary, then you must go to marzipan museum. Yes, you heard right - this is a very interesting, unique and sweet museum. All exhibits presented in the museum are made of marzipan!

A little deviate from the topic, and tell you, for those who do not know what is marzipan. Marzipan called the mixture, which is prepared by grinding in almond flour and mixed with sugar. This is a very tasty and healthy mixture.

Well, let's now go back to our museum. Walking along the streets of Szentendre, more and more tourists are interested in the museum of marzipans. It was opened in 1994.. It's not hard to guess that the founder of the museum is a confectioner, whose name is Karoy Szabo. This is a very famous confectioner in the world who has been studying his craft for quite some time. For his museum, Szabo made many exhibits that delight. Here you can find a map of Hungary, various furniture, portraits of great personalities, such as Mozart and much more.

Of course, it would be wrong if there was no confectionery on the territory of the museum, therefore inside the marzipan museum it was built. Curious tourists can watch the process of making sweets from marzipans, which later go to the festive table, or become exhibits. In addition to the patisserie, you can also find a store selling original sweets: these are animals and various flowers, and even sets that your children will like.

History of the Marzipan Museum

Karoy Szabo hails from Transylvania. He moved to Austria in 1953, but was forced to leave his home due to hostilities. So he ended up in Lebanon, where he improved his skills as a pastry chef. Returning to Austria after 7 years, he opened his pastry shop. Many knew and loved this shop, but there were not as many visitors as the chef wanted. At one point in Austria, one cartoon was popular, which was watched by the whole country, as adults as children. For the sake of laughter, Szabo made the main character of this cartoon from marzipan and put it in his candy store. It turned out to be an idea for a million. Now, people from other cities came to visit Szabo to look at their beloved hero, and, of course, the profit from the confectionery increased significantly. So there was a museum of marzipans, which is so popular with Hungarian tourists.

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