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National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

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Perhaps one of the oldest and largest museums in Ukraine is rightfully considered National Museum of Art. Over its more than a century of history, it has incorporated the best works of art created ever by Ukrainian artists, sculptors and graphic artists. The museum’s collection even contains works of art whose creation date dates back to the 12th century. That is why the museum is rightfully considered one of the "lighthouses" of Ukrainian culture.

The museum was built in 1899 notorious architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. The building was originally planned for the creation of the first Kiev Museum, and, of course, it should be noted that many Ukrainian patriots of that time, such as Khvoyke V., Scherbakivsky D., Bilyashivsky M. also made a great contribution to the development of the national art museum. After all, they understood how important it is to preserve culture and history for posterity.

January 23, 1904 the official opening of the museum. Then he received his first name "Kiev Art-Industrial and Scientific Museum of Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich."

In Soviet times, the history of the museum began to develop quite interestingly. Firstly, it was supplemented by various exhibits: a lot of archaeological and historical exhibitions appeared. Secondly, the museum was renamed: in 1934 it received the name "State Historical Museum". Now it’s the “National Museum of the History of Ukraine”, and “National Art Museum of Ukraine"Was singled out as a separate entity. This event occurred in 1954. Then he got his name, which he still bears.

At this point in time "National Art Museum of Ukraine" There are over 40 thousand exhibits. They include many of the works of famous painters, icons, sculptures and books.

Walking through the halls of the museum you can find exhibits such as manuscript icons of the XIV century, works of artists of the XIX and early XX centuries. Moreover, the exhibits themselves, of course, are an important part of the Ukrainian historical heritage.

Visiting this beautiful museum you can come across a very interesting exhibition of Cossack portraits, and a large number of folk paintings that the museum is particularly proud of, since they are not only aesthetic value, but also have great historical importance.

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