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View of Venice. Dogana and the Church of Santa Maria della Salute - W. Turner

View of Venice. Dogana and the Church of Santa Maria della Salute - W. Turner

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View of Venice. 62x93

A special place in the work of William Turner occupied the Venetian theme.. The master visited this beautiful city three times, and the memories of wonderful, almost fabulous views, ancient palazzos and magnificent churches fueled his imagination for many years. A trip to Italy influenced the palette, making the artist’s painting lighter, brighter and more airy.

Turner wrote repeatedly dogana building (maritime customs) and located next to it Church of Santa Maria della Salute, but tried not to repeat and changed the aspect of the composition. Here, the famous Venetian look dissolves in a light, translucent haze, it seems that a ghost town with unclear, fuzzy contours suddenly appears in front of the viewer, but it is absolutely recognizable. In this landscape, reality is intertwined with romantic images, a specific motive becomes a kind of colorful vision, a picturesque fantasy-impression.

True recognition came to Turner after his death. In the largest European and American collections, the artist’s works are quite rare, since he bequeathed the main works to the British nation, and now they are exhibited at the Tate Gallery in London.

Watch the video: Basilica della Salute - Venezia (May 2022).


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