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Symphony in White No. 1, 1862, James Michael Whistler

Symphony in White No. 1, 1862, James Michael Whistler

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Symphony in White No. 1 - James Michael Whistler. 213x107.9

James whistler, a native American, spent his early years in Russia (his father was invited to design the Nikolaev Railway), where he attended the Imperial Academy of Arts. Then he studied in Paris, in his mature years he lived in London.

Possessing a subtle sense of color, Whistler, in contrast to the Impressionists, widely used tonal harmonies - the lightest gradations of closely related shades within a certain color range. The master called his portraits “symphonies” and “improvisations”.

The presented canvas is one of the most famous works of the artist. It is based on white color, which is the main means of characterizing the model - young woman with a pensive face in a pristine white dress standing on a light wolf skin with a lily in her hand. The artist believed that the canvas can turn out successful only when the color tone is correctly selected. That's why James whistler so carefully thought through all the colors in advance, and also mixed paints for a long time to get the desired shade.

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