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Seine coast. Veteuil, Claude Monet, 1880

Seine coast. Veteuil, Claude Monet, 1880

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Seine coast. 73.4x100.5

Monet always remained true to the main credo of the impressionists - the artist must reproduce on canvas his visual impressions experienced at a certain time and in a certain place. In the depiction of nature, the master tried to find the joyful harmony of colors. His landscapes are devoid of genre, he seeks to give the image of nature in a pure, aesthetic perception without any associative ties. Desiring to preserve the uniqueness of colorful harmonies, Monet painted a series of paintings with one selected kind of nature. He watched her as a changing and many-sided living creature.

In 1878, the painter and his family moved to the village of Veteistanding on the banks of the Seine 65 km from Paris. There, the artist began to spend most of his time. The canvas captures the summer afternoon. Clouds and trees running across the sky are reflected in a fast-flowing river, a scattering of small flowers turns yellow on the shore. Separate strokes of pure colors, optically combined in the eye of the viewer, convey the instantness of the captured state of nature, making this picture a typically impressionistic work.

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