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Rainforest with Monkeys, Henri Russo, 1910

Rainforest with Monkeys, Henri Russo, 1910

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Rainforest with monkeys - Henri Russo. 129.5x162.5

The life of Henri Rousseau can be safely divided into two stages: in the first, he was an unknown customs officer who constantly drew and made some drafts in any free minute. However, in 41, he firmly decided to devote himself to creativity. The self-taught Rousseau made a real revolution in the art of his era, he brought into the painting the qualities that Picasso, Derain, De Chirico and Vlaminck admired - direct vision, ease of technical execution and naivety. Contemporaries appreciated him for the coloristic richness of his works and original subjects.

Rousseau's favorite theme was writing exotic landscapes - dense tropical forests with predators and natives walking on them. It is interesting to note that he himself never left the borders of France and in his works conveyed dreams and ideas about unknown countries.

Painted in the year of the author’s death "Rainforest with monkeys" shows bright, exotic wilds of the tropics. Multi-colored monkeys are jumping along the thickets, colorful flowers and leaves amaze with their size. The rhythm of the repeating leaves in the foreground is remarkable - Rousseau could become a wonderful decorator. All his paintings have a positive beginning, the artist himself said: “When I wake up I can smile at my canvases».

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