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Museum of Money in Feodosia, Ukraine

Museum of Money in Feodosia, Ukraine

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There is one wonderful museum in Feodosia. This article will talk about money museum and what visitors can see there.

Exhibits of the Museum of Money in Feodosia

As you know, all museum exhibits are money, or everything related to money. By the way, the museum has a huge collection of exhibits, which made it possible to compose seven expositions. For example, one of the expositions will tell about how money was used in many countries of the world, in addition to the direct payment: what kind of money is used to decorate cypress in China so that there is money in the house; or about the Greek tradition of putting a coin in a pie, which during the year will bring good luck.

The pride of the museum is the ancient coins that were made in the Bosporus kingdom and Theodosius. The collection contains only 16 pieces. But, no other museum in the world can boast that it has at least more than 5 such coins. These coins are in truth a true value - they are all of different denominations and types. The cost of the collectors of such coins is incredibly high.

Museum of money expositions

In the money museum of the city of Feodosia there is an exposition dedicated to money making stories. In it, each visitor will be able to see how the money was created, what was used for this. Another exhibition will allow you to see firsthand the money that you have ever circulated in Ukraine, and will show the history of the change of money from the very beginning - from the time of Greek coinage to the present day. In this exposition you will see coins that were issued by the khans of the Golden Horde, as well as the money of the Genoese, royal coins, banknotes of the Civil War, NEP bonds, bank notes of the interim government and German banknotes of the Second World War.

Museum Library

In addition to the exposition, the museum has its own library, which has a huge number of works on numismatics and collecting money. Moreover, part of the work is handwritten, and the library itself is engaged in scientific activities - the creation of new catalogs and the organization of symposia.

In conclusion, it must be said that money museum of Feodosia At the moment it is one of the leading money museums in the world, therefore the collections and excursions that you can see are comparable to the best museums in the world of the same subject.

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