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Road in the Forest, Meindert Hobbem, 1670

Road in the Forest, Meindert Hobbem, 1670

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The road in the forest - Meindert Hobbem. 94.6x129.5

The main task set by Dutch landscape painters of the 17th century was the transmission of a light-air environment in which the image of man and nature is combined, a poetic view of the world is transmitted. One of the major masters of this genre was Meyndert Hobbema.

His painting "Road in the forest" Impresses the scene directly seen in life. The alarming outlines of huge trees and the restless play of chiaroscuro give it some drama. The canvas is written in the last period of creativity. The artistry of Hobbema is manifested here in its entirety. Any corner of the landscape is interesting to consider. Almost miniature painting conveys every detail in detail, but in general, a generalized, synthetic image of nature is created on the canvas.

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