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Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, USA

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, USA

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In the United States, they simply adore a large city, in which at least one of the scientific and technical museums is located. But the location itself in Chicago's huge famous Museum of Science, which occupies one of the highest positions in the list of American museums, mainly by its number of collections, as well as by their quality, and, of course, of great popularity, which can only be compared with the famous Disneyland.

The museum was established back in the 1920s, and even at that time the expositions in it were conceived as quite interactive. That is, in other words, those in which the visitor will be able to touch with their own hands any exhibits they like, precisely those things that will further help the visitors themselves to get as close as possible familiar with the principle of operation of all these incredibly interesting exhibits, without reading any descriptions .

Such an extraordinary idea for this very unusual, “open” museum, and even for that time, was borrowed from fellow museum workers from Germany. The author of this very interesting idea was Julius Rosenwald and he is the founder of the museum itself. Rosenwald was a well-known American philanthropist, philanthropist and part-time millionaire. He also believed that such museums were absolutely necessary so that there was an opportunity to put on the path of proper development the younger, younger generation. Already in our days, the museum began to provide financial support to most of the very well-known organizations that consider this kind of help a great way to put young people on the path to proper development.

Museum train

For Rosenwald himself, this idea of ​​the possible creation of a museum also matured after he went to Munich and visited the German Museum with his posterity. Such a staggering reaction from his own children prompted him to think about the museum of this kind, however, he never doubted the correctness of his decision and his future prospects.

If we start talking about the very range of exhibits, then it is simply incredibly diverse. Even the "fairy tale" genre is beautifully presented in the museum. It would seem, where does the museum, but here, however, there are excellent exhibits of the famous Round Table, which was an integral part of the gathering place of King Arthur and his best knights. But this is far from the most interesting. The museum also has such incredible things as a huge heart and a soap bubble, and this despite the fact that visitors can also get inside these very things. However, of course, the best choice would be to come yourself and experience firsthand the unbelievability of this amazing place.

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