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Aviation Museum Aircraft of Glory, USA, Chino

Aviation Museum Aircraft of Glory, USA, Chino

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This incredible and interesting museum dedicated to aviation was opened by Edward T. At that time, Southern California was the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. Conveyor, Woolty, Lockheed, Douglas, North American, and many other small companies were located in this region. Edward witnessed many aircraft flying over his own home, until the Second World War, however, and even after its end. Maloney himself and all his friends grew up reading magazine and newspaper articles about the then famous pilots: Robert Morgan, Joe Foss, Dick Bong, and, of course, Charles Lindbergh. He opened the first museum dedicated to aviation on the west coast in 1957, which displayed ten aircraft. After that, the museum managed to move, and already in 1963 he was at the Ontario Airport, but in 1973 he appeared in Chino, where he became the most famous today Museum of Aviation in the world.

From the initial collection of 10 aircraft, the number of museum exhibits has grown to more than 150, 50 of which are now in excellent flight condition. But in order to fully understand the significance of this important achievement, it will be necessary to return to the distant past. Despite the fact that the Allies produced more than 300 thousand military aircraft to participate in the battles of World War II, most of them were eventually destroyed within the first few years. And due to the rapid development of jet aircraft and a complete deficit in the consumer value of these goods, it happened that these legendary aircraft could be bought for the cost of the remaining aluminum in them. And only thanks to the dedicated work of the creators of the museum today there is a very unique collection of aircraft in conjunction with other aviation subjects.

Funny bears at the Glory Aviation Museum in the USA

And, of course, this is the incredible glory of the museum, the fact that in its territory there is a total collection of 475 fighter air groups. All aircraft were enclosed in a completely new exhibition hangar, which was built exclusively at the expense of those same participants in the 475 fighter air group.

Every first Saturday, the museum holds the so-called Days in honor of a lively flying history, when historically significant and significant aircraft from a rather rare and very unique collection of this museum are displayed for general viewing. It is customary to start the program in the museum as early as 10:00 with the pronunciation of the Pledge of allegiance, followed by a kind of one and a half hour discussion, in which highly qualified speakers participate.

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