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Cheese Museum in Alkmaar, Holland

Cheese Museum in Alkmaar, Holland

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We leave for the amazing city of Alkmaar, in cheese museum. A very interesting story is connected with this building, which you will learn about if you read the article to the end.

In the 16th century, when the war of Spain against Holland took place, the Dutch were able to withstand the siege of the city, and subsequently flooded it, which would destroy the Spanish army. The courage and heroism of the defenders struck the then ruler of William of Orange, and he thanked them by allowing them to build a building for the city scales in the center of Alkmaar. This building exists to this day. On the first floor there is a weight, and on the second and third - a museum.

About the exposition of the cheese museum

Of course, first of all, in the museum you can see various objects with which cheese was prepared at home. At that time, the recipes were kept in strict secrecy, and handed down from generation to generation. Here you can also find out how cheese began to be prepared in industrial factories and what is the difference between home-made cheese and production cheese. There are lots of photos, fun presentations, and even videos. Special entertainment events are organized for children.

In addition to all the above exhibits, you can see interesting women's costumes of the 16th century, as well as portraits of women in these costumes. Well, and of course, you will definitely be offered to taste different types of cheeses. I think that for cheese lovers this is very good news.

Cheese Fair in Alkmaar

Finally, I would like to tell you about a very wonderful event that takes place in the warm season, on Fridays, spring and summer, on Vesovaya Square - this is the Cheese Fair, where cheese auctions are held. The city seems to be returning to the 16th century. As they say, time goes on, and traditions are unchanged. It all starts at 10 a.m. Farmers come here from all over the country to bring tons of cheese with them. People put on bright, colorful costumes, and bidding begins. The main persons here are the Cheese Fathers. These are mainly people with rich experience in such matters, and they are specially chosen. They are dressed in black clothes. First of all, it is their responsibility to set up the scales, and make sure that they clearly show the weight. In a word, they rule everything here. No less interesting are the porter of cheese. They are completely white, and on their hats are a variety of colorful ribbons. Everything happens gradually. On a stretcher, the heads of cheese are brought to the scales, weighed, and the notes are made in chalk. An important detail - all the action begins only after hitting the bell. After the event, the best cheese porter is selected, because this work is not so simple as it seems. Cheese and stretchers weigh about 100 kg.

Cheese GirlBefore bidding, everything is quiet and calm =)Cheese portersOther cheese porters

A very interesting event. Who will have the opportunity to attend this Fair will be impressed for a long time. The Dutch themselves say that anyone who has not visited the Cheese Fair in Alkmaar knows nothing about cheeses. The cost of entering the museum varies from 2 to 4 euros.

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