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Panel Dance, 1932-1933

Panel Dance, 1932-1933

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Panel Dance - Matisse. 1932-1933

In 1930, after traveling to Tahiti, Matisse set about creating panels for the Albert Barnes Gallery in Merion (near Philadelphia, PA). The artist did not change his passion and again, like twenty years ago, depicted a dance.

For the first time in his work on a panel, he applied the “decoupage” technique - a collage of cut out paper fragments, which allowed him to find the perfect arrangement of figures as a result of long searches: by attaching cut silhouettes to the canvas, the author could endlessly change their position on the plane, achieving maximum expressiveness. Matisse will turn to work with paper silhouettes in his work later.

On the abstract geometric three-color background of the Dance panel, faceless white figures in various movements are depicted. Dance is a harmonious interaction of characters, and the drawing of their bodies forms a gigantic ornament.

During the creation of the Dance panel, Matisse met Lidia Nikolaevna Delektorskaya, whom he hired as a secretary to restore order in numerous sketches. The artist was already seventh. Lydia also looked after his wife, weakening health and having lost its former beauty. Gradually, the girl became an indispensable person for the artist, his friend and beloved model. She posed for him every day and put his affairs in order. Matisse adored her, and Lydia worshiped him.

Jealous Amelia did not need such a nurse and in the end kicked her out. She left, but Matisse called her again - and Lydia returned. Then the wife of the painter left. In 1940, he officially divorced Amelia, but relations with Lydia were never formalized.

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