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Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum in New York

Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum in New York

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31 years of military experience in the US Navy. The aircraft carrier Interpid was launched on August 16, 1943 and, having served until 1974, was decommissioned and subject to dismantling, but thanks to the initiative of Zakaria Fisher, a millionaire and philanthropist, the ship had a different fate. Now this warship, parked at pier number 86 in New York, has become an aerospace and naval museum, and was officially opened to visitors in 1982.

Since 2006, the aircraft carrier was reconstructed in the dry docks of New Jersey and returned to its museum functions again on November 2, 2008. In June 2012, the aircraft carrier’s space exposition, which was previously presented with video presentations on space achievements, was replenished with the Enterprise shuttle.

On the deck of this huge ship, 273 meters long, in addition to the shuttle as part of the exposition, along with American planes, there are also planes and helicopters from many countries of the world from World War II to the 80s of the 20th century. Including here is the legendary A-12 Blackbird invisible aircraft, and even some Soviet MIG fighters. For thrill-seekers on an aircraft carrier, a fighter flight simulator works in which 360 ° puzzle puzzles are created during flight simulation.

On the lower decks are unique instances of the first carrier-based fighter and attack aircraft. Here you can also visit the engine room, cabins, the captain’s bridge, etc. The aircraft carrier served 2,900 crew members both in the interior of the workplace and in the cabins, with the help of mannequins, showing the daily life and work of the crew from mechanics, cooks and hairdressers to pilots and officers.

The museum also includes the legendary Concord, a passenger supersonic airliner, which is installed nearby on the pier and is also available for visiting. The museum’s exposition also includes the Growler strategic submarine moored to the pier, which was on combat alert between 1958-1964. All equipment, once a formidable submarine, safe and sound is available for viewing. Access to the inside of the boat is open to visitors, however, not for everyone, but after preliminary measurement - the hatches on the boat are quite narrow.

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