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Foundation-Museum of Joan Miró in Barcelona

Foundation-Museum of Joan Miró in Barcelona

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It rarely happens that an artist, even during his lifetime, becomes a classic in his own genre and even creates a museum of his own name, supported by the official authorities. This was exactly the case with Joan Miró and Ferrat, a Catalan artist and sculptor. The reason for the creation of the museum was the success of its first major exhibition in 1968 in Barcelona, ​​after which, with the support of friends, the Miro Foundation was created. Already in June 1975, the foundation’s expositions were open to viewers.

The building, where its exhibition halls are located, was built on the slope of Mount Montjuic according to the project of a friend Joan and a talented architect Luis Sert. At the request of Miro himself, the building was designed in a light Mediterranean style so that daylight always illuminates the work of the master.

During his long life (1893-1983), Miro's talent manifested itself in painting, sculpture, and graphics, and he always tried to experiment with new materials. There are even 9 installations and textiles in the exposition of the fund, as well as 4 ceramic panels. Works such as the 22 meter high monument "Woman and bird" in his park in Barcelona, ​​panels at Harvard University and the University of San Gallen, became known throughout the world.

In total, the fund exhibits over 14 thousand exhibits, of which 178 sculptures, 217 paintings and about 8000 drawings belong to Miró himself. Other works belonging to the artist’s wife Pilar Hunkos, as well as John Prats, a close friend and one of the founders of the Foundation, are also on display at the permanent exhibition. Over time, expositions increased due to donated or deposited works by artists such as Balthus, Pierre Aleschinsky, Anthony Caro, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Julio Gonzalez, Fernand Leger and some others.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, exhibitions of novice artists are organized here, seminars on contemporary art are held, there is always relevant literature in the store at the foundation, albums of works by contemporary artists, as well as various souvenirs with the foundation's logo.

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