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Preference, Vasnetsov, 1879

Preference, Vasnetsov, 1879

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Preference - Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. Canvas, oil

Warm summer evening, wide open doors to the balcony. The fourth, turning away from everyone, overturns another shot glass. The fifth, the youngest, does not participate in the game. Dying of boredom, he yawns openly, widely and sincerely. Three at the table are passionate about the game. The old man blindly looks at his cards. The other two eagerly look into his alignment, not at all embarrassed. The meanness of what is happening does not bother at all, it aroused some predatory excitement in the heroes.

Boredom, tin boredom - this is the atmosphere created by Vasnetsov. At the same time, the inner emptiness of all participants in this stuffy evening is striking. They cannot think of anything else; they are doomed to such evenings: identical and meaningless.

The light from the candle creates huge shadows on the walls of the living room, emphasizing the insignificance of those present. The lurid bas-relief decorating the fireplace, the portrait on the wall - everything is tasteless, gone, stupid. The clock in the corner is the only living organism in the picture. There is a process of killing time.

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