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Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

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The branch of the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is the most stunning collection of contemporary art. The building of the museum itself is already a masterpiece. It is an amazing building - a fantastic ship covered with titanium plates, overflowing with all the colors of the rainbow, floats through the city. At the entrance to the museum are two giant sculptures: a flower dog and a spider. The sculptors are famous sculptors Jeff Koons and Louise Bourgeois.

During the tourist season (from July 1 to August 31), the museum is open from ten to eight. The rest of the year, Monday is a day off. Entrance ticket - 11 euros. Admission is free for children. Discounts are not provided for anyone.

The Bilbao Museum annually receives about a million visitors. The museum exhibits the art of the modernist era, as well as postmodernism. None of the artistic movements of the 20th century remained unrepresented. As a matter of fact, the museum’s collection consists not so much of paintings or sculptures as of installations, electronic panels and other wonders of contemporary art culture.

The museum constantly hosts exhibitions of various contents and orientations. There is also a permanent exhibition.

Halls with paintings by futurists and abstract artists, where you can see the work of Kandinsky, are replaced by the halls of surrealism, where there is an excellent collection of works by Dali. Among the Cubists represented, there are both Picasso and Braque. Widely represented are the works of Andy Warhol. The famous prints of Warhol Marilyn are located in the Bilbao Museum.

Robert Rauschenberg's famous collages are rich, full of meaning, making you think and analyze. The complex, expressive work of Willem de Kooning captivates with sincerity and exuded energy. Mysterious and very atmospheric compositions by Yves Klein give rise to complex and vibrant associations.

Among the countless installations, the work of Richard Seri is the Essence of the Times. Objectless art, so vibrant, vibrant, bewitching, but undeservedly unappreciated, is perfectly represented in the museum by the works of the most famous masters.

In the main exhibition of the museum there is one work by Mark Rothko, the founder of such an exotic trend as painting a color field, a representative of abstract expressionism. Mark Rothko's works at leading auctions in the world are breaking price records. It is known that one of his paintings was recently sold for a price that does not fit into the framework of logic, and is recognized as the most expensive painting of the second half of the 20th century.

The museum has an amazing concentration of masterpieces, it is simply necessary to visit it, otherwise your picture of the art world will remain incomplete.

The main Guggenheim Museum is located in New York.

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