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Painting Blue house, Kustodiev, 1920

Painting Blue house, Kustodiev, 1920

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Blue House - Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 97x80

In this work, Kustodiev presented a whole model of the Russian world. The world is a house divided into levels.

First level: playing children, whose life is just beginning, on the other hand, the workshop of the grave master (without a doubt, the institution is associated with the completion of earthly life). Chess players (merchant, policeman, dandy) are located at the entrance to the workshop, as a symbol of equality before death.

Second level: cooing couple in love, an old woman on a bench and a woman with a baby in her arms at the entrance to the courtyard. It is not difficult to guess in a woman with a child the eternal story of the Madonna and Child. The artist sees the entrance to the courtyard as an open path to the world of people. It is logical that at the entrance Kustodiev places a woman-mother who gave birth to a new resident of the world.

Third level: landlord and hostess at tea. The Russian idyll is a samovar, a richly laid table. The third level is the flourishing of human life.

Fourth level: a young man chasing pigeons on the roof. Carefree, joy, youth.

The house is surrounded by greenery. In the windows of the houses there are flowers in flowerpots, the balcony is decorated with flower boxes. Harmony with nature is the most important condition for happiness for man.

The blue color chosen by the artist (bright, pure) in Russian fine art has always been the color of the mountain world, the Kingdom of Heaven. Surprising is the abundance of symbolic meaning in the picture.

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