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Museum of Tanks in Munster, Germany

Museum of Tanks in Munster, Germany

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Everyone who visits the city of Münster is a quiet and comfortable campus, and can not imagine that here is the largest garrison of the Bundeswehr. The military lives their own special life, the subtleties of which they do not like to advertise. But the museum is open to all.

The collection of tanks and other armored vehicles of the German army was first opened to the public in 1983. Despite the fact that everything here is very impressive and even formidable, the museum rather calmly comprehends the military past of Germany, rather than glorifies it.

In the three halls of the museum, exhibits tell about the history of German tank units, starting in 1917, ending with the recent past - the era of the Cold War.

The first hall is dedicated to armored vehicles released during the First World War. The very first panthers, bulky, awkward. The crew of some cars is 18 people. And how did they just fit in there? Unclear.

The second hall collected equipment from the Second World War. A strange sensation covers when you enter this room. Almost all models are familiar from movies. In addition to German technology, you can see Czech tanks, Soviet, American. There are also stands with tank uniforms, helmets, awards, small arms.

The third hall was devoted to post-war equipment: tanks of the Federal Republic of Germany and East Germany, Soviet models. More recently, these tanks looked at each other at gunpoint. Now they stand nearby ...

The museum is open to visitors from March to November. From June to September, even seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (visitors are no longer admitted at 5 o’clock). The rest of the time (March-May, October-November) on Mondays the tank museum is closed.

Entrance ticket will cost seven euros. Up to 5 years old children are free. Discounts are used by school students, students, retired military.
Guided visits are possible.

The museum is located in the heart of the city, on Hans Krueger Strasse. And in German the name sounds like this: Museum of German Armor. Men here will love it for sure.

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