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Stone in the forest at Razliv, Savras, 1849

Stone in the forest at Razliv, Savras, 1849

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A stone in the forest near Razliv - Alexey Kondratievich Savrasov. 44.5x6


One of the master’s early works, in which his special, unique manner and artistic style is already guessed. A fabulous huge boulder conquered by a boy on a walk looks like a symbolic embodiment of the beginning of the artistic path of the author himself.

For a boy, a boulder is a mountain, for the subjugation of which serious efforts must be made. Perhaps this is the first victory over yourself. The boulder itself, covered with mosses and lichens, looks mysterious, complicated.

The forest surrounding the central image object is multicolored. In this case, he is not just a decoration, but a full participant in the action. Trees hug a boulder, hold tight in their arms. It has long been part of this forest. Part is integral.

A clear, blue sky fills all the work with a sense of joy and sincerity.

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