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Ashes, Edward Munch, 1894

Ashes, Edward Munch, 1894

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Ashes - Edward Munch. 120.5x141

The plot of the picture can be retold in one Pushkin line: It's over: there is no connection between us. The artist draws the attention of the viewer to the emotional state of the characters.

The man is closed from the world, his experiences are deep inside, he is closed both physically and emotionally, he himself is not immediately noticed by the viewer. A woman is, on the contrary, in the center of the composition. Her face is full of indifference. Only a slight confusion betrays emotional activity.

Interesting scene. The audience has an association with the theater stage, the cinema screen. If you carefully study the details of the picture, you can notice a symbolic detail: a small greenish stone, triangular in shape. The stone resembles a theater mask with a black wig. Accident or intent? If by chance, then it is very appropriate. Discarded mask, gap, ashes, after a love bonfire.

Red hair and a greenish face are signs of a witch in the folklore of many peoples. An unbuttoned dress, under which red linen, gives the plot sharpness and temperament. The orange tones of the background are reminiscent of recent passion, and the dark sky adds gloom.

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