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Ambrosian Library, Milan, Italy

Ambrosian Library, Milan, Italy

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The oldest public library in continental Europe appeared at the very beginning of the 17th century. It is known that for the first time here they did not chained books to chains, allowing readers to sit freely, trusting them. Gradually, in addition to the library, there appeared its own pinakothek, and then the academy.

Today, not only tourists, but also citizens are attracted to this cultural center, where you can spend the whole day continuously contemplating the greatest examples of Italian art of the 14-17th centuries.


The main treasures of this book depository are ancient manuscripts and unique tomes. More than one and a half thousand drawings by Leonardo da Vinci alone are kept here! Among the masterpieces: the illustrated Iliad (published in the 5th century), priceless handwritten medieval books, manuscripts. In addition, several reading rooms are still operating here.


Two dozen spacious rooms are reserved for the art gallery. Leonardo, Caravaggio, Brueghel, Botticelli - this is not a complete list of authors whose works can be viewed here. One of the special exhibits is a copy of the Last Supper of da Vinci, made before the Austrian horses were placed in the refectory of the monastery, which is decorated with an original fresco. The Pinakothek collection also has a sketch of Raphael for his famous work, The Academy.

In addition to paintings, in the halls of the gallery are presented sculptures of Italian masters.


This is not just a name, in fact, two educational institutions operate at once in the Ambrosian library - an art academy and an institute for the study of foreign languages.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about this place is that there are few tourists here. At least, you don’t have to constantly get through your backs to see at least the corner of your eye to see a masterpiece. Entrance ticket - 8 euros, which is also not ruinous at all. The ticket price also includes an audio guide, including in Russian.

To find Ambrosian Library very simple, it is located in Pia Pius XI, which is 300 meters from the Cathedral of Milan.

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