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Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

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Northern Italy, like the whole country in general, is full of sights. The palace was damaged during the war; it was restored only by the beginning of the 60s. Unique murals, sculptures, and interior items were irretrievably lost. To all it is worth adding that the palace is located next to the stunning Milan Cathedral, which makes it even more modest and even invisible.


In the 12th century, a modest city hall stood on the site of the current palazzo. To turn it into a residence, a representative of a noble Visconti family conceived. The old town hall turned into an elegant residence, and then just into a pompous palace. Over time, the owners of the palace changed, and the appearance changed Palazzo Reale. Among the owners of the Royal Palace were the Habsburgs, Bonaparte, Sforza. He attached himself to the appearance of the palace and Mussolini, ordering to finally rebuild it according to his faulty taste. Then there was a war that destroyed the remains of ancient frescoes. Now the palace invites tourists to visit several museums at once.

Museum of Milan Cathedral

The central part of the palace is occupied by a museum dedicated to the history of the main attraction of Milan - the Duomo (Cathedral). The museum’s collection includes a wooden model of the temple, projects, drawings, drawings. All nine exhibition halls are decorated with unique sculptures, paintings, invaluable documents. Everything is connected with the Gothic miracle - the Cathedral of Milan.

Court church

One of the oldest surviving buildings of the palace. Particular attention should be paid to the crucifix fresco, the hanging sarcophagus, as well as the bell tower. The atmosphere of the early Renaissance is preserved here in spite of all perestroika.

Modern Art Museum

Rarely does anyone come to Italy for contemporary art. In vain. Italy is the birthplace of futurism. The museum's collection contains the best works of Italian and European artists of the 20th century.

Exhibition halls

The most interesting exhibitions of Milan are held in the Palazzo Real. Vasily Kandinsky, Auguste Rodin, Modigliani, Picasso - these are just a few of the latest exhibitions.

The cost of entering the Palazzo Real depends on what you want to see. Museum of Modern Art - Free. Regular ticket - 9 euros. Exhibitions will cost more.

The best days to visit are Thursday and Saturday. These days the museum is open to visitors until half past ten in the evening.

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