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Picture Samson and Delilah, Rubens, 1609

Picture Samson and Delilah, Rubens, 1609

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Samson and Delilah - Peter Paul Rubens. 185x205

The biblical hero Samson fell asleep, falling to the knees of the beautiful Delilah, in an almost unnatural pose. His powerful body, defeating many of the Philistines, was powerless before the spell of a beautiful seducer.

Rubens transfers the scene to a brothel, departing from a direct religious plot, he presents his characters as simple historical figures, puts a dual meaning in what is happening. The wisdom of Scripture speaks of the dangers of immoderation and the inevitable punishment for a person's non-observance of this law.

The terrible warrior Samson, who fell under the influence of wine and female caresses, is cut off with hair - the source of incredible power given to him by God. He is threatened with shameful captivity, blinding and slave labor on his insidious enemies. Warriors with weapons are already entering the door in order to complete their "black" business. A guest barber with scissors and an old procurator with a candle complete the sad scene.

Delilah’s bright red clothes, like gushing blood, catch the eye of the viewer, silently “screaming” about passions raging on the canvas. Captivity and shame ... but not the end of the story. The legendary Samson, being blind, will destroy the house of his enemies, burying himself and the Philistines who hate him under the rubble.

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