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Milan (Cathedral) Cathedral, Milan

Milan (Cathedral) Cathedral, Milan

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Milan Cathedral is the city center. Flaming Gothic, white marble, combined together, summarize the millennium-long search for architectural thought, anticipate Baroque and classicism, open the way to new heights of architecture.

Today, this wonderful building can be viewed from several angles - the Catholic center of Northern Italy, a historical and artistic attraction, one of the most magnificent and chic concert halls in Europe.

Catholic center

For the Western Church, Milan is a landmark city. In this city, an edict was issued by Emperor Constantine, equalizing the rights of Christians with pagans in the empire. This fact itself gives the Diocese of Milan special significance and influence.

The place where the cathedral stands from ancient times was used for the construction of sanctuaries (Celtic, Roman temple of Minerva, the basilica of the first Christians, churches of 6-7 centuries).

The presence in the cathedral of the greatest Christian relic - the nail that was removed from the cross of the Lordattracts pilgrims from all over the world.

The library of the cathedral contains more than five hundred valuable manuscript books, fifty thousand printed publications, several dozens of ancient manuscripts. Theologians even come here from Rome to find a rare edition of the writings of the Church Fathers.

Historic and art attraction

The construction of the cathedral, which began at the end of the 14th century, continued until the beginning of the 19th century. During all this time, a group of architects completely changed several times, ideas became outdated and replaced with more modern ones. Only one thing remained unchanged - the desire to make the cathedral unique, majestic and beautiful.

The flaming, late Gothic, creating the effect of flickering and mobility, is enhanced by the material from which the cathedral was built. White marble creates the illusion of translucency of an intricate structure of slender towers, sculptures, lancet arches.

Three and a half thousand statues adorn the Milan Duomo. An excursion to explore all the details and symbols of this temple can take several weeks.

The interior of the cathedral is perceived especially sharply, thanks to the light penetrating here through the old stained-glass windows that decorated the windows.

Particular attention should be paid to painting: several frescoes of the 15th century were preserved, as well as altar paintings by Italian masters of the 17-18th centuries.

Visitors have the opportunity to climb the temple terrace and enjoy the panorama of the city from an unusual angle.

In the crypt of the cathedral you can see the foundations of ancient buildings that stood before the erection of the cathedral in this place.

Concert hall

In Milan Cathedral almost every day there are various concerts of both church and secular music. The duomo choir is known far beyond Italy. The program of events, ticket prices can be found on the official website of the cathedral.

For visitors Milan Cathedral open daily. There are no excursions during the service. Entrance fee is taken only from those who climb the terrace (12 euroif you go up on the elevator and 7 euro - if you walk) and goes down to the crypt (6 euro) Everyone else has the opportunity to get acquainted with the miracle of Milan absolutely free (for photographing they will take 2 euros).

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