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Scene at the railway, Perov, 1868

Scene at the railway, Perov, 1868

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Scene at the railway - Vasily Grigorievich Perov. 52x66

After appearing in Russia, the railway has long been a miracle for the people. The main characters crowded in front of the tracks, what they saw astounded.

The group of peasants can be divided into two parts: a pair of men in the foreground, delighted with the seen device for clearing the rails in the form of an ordinary and familiar broom, two women and a peasant, who consider in dumb admiration, even with some fear, a steam locomotive. It is especially worth paying attention to a woman in a red scarf and uniform jacket. Most likely, this is the pregnant wife of a traveler who performs the duties of a drunk husband. At the feet of the caretaker, a girl wrapped in black salop, most likely a daughter.

The master brilliantly managed to convey the emotions of the heroes of the scene. The viewer's attention is focused on the heroes, so the details and background of the picture are made formally enough not to distract from the main thing.

Each of the characters feels its own story, its own biography. It is amazing how this artist was able to fill his seemingly uncomplicated work with deep meaning and a special atmosphere that reveals the master’s plan.

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