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Monument sculpture "Motherland" in Volgograd

Monument sculpture

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One of the most famous sculptures of the USSR in its essence is the central figure of the triptych, which includes the Rear monument - to the front! in Magnitogorsk and the Warrior Liberator in Berlin Treptower Park. The idea of ​​a monumental composition - a sword forged in the rear, was picked up by the Motherland, and lowered - the Warrior-Liberator. At the time of installation, Mother Motherland was the tallest sculpture in the world.

The aesthetic basis of the monument was an allegorical depiction of Marseillaise on the bas-relief of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, as well as an antique sculpture of Nika of Samothrace.

The author of the sculpture, the great master E. Vutetich, considered several options for sculpture. Initially, it was assumed that, in addition to the figure of the Motherland, a kneeling warrior would be depicted nearby, and the sculpture should not be holding a classic sword, but a red banner. However, in the process of work, the concept was changed towards the classical language of symbols, softening the ideological content, filling with ideas of humanism.

Art historians still argue about who served as a model for the master to create a monumental image. Several assumptions are made, but the author himself claimed that the waitress of one of the restaurants in Volgograd served as his model.

The author achieved a strong impression of the monumental sculpture by not placing it on a high pedestal. Mother Motherland seems to be standing on the earth itself, calling on her sons.

During its existence, the sculpture has undergone restoration twice. The material of the sword, its constructive solution changed, several internal frame structures were updated. Since 1967, when the sculpture was installed, the monument is overgrown with legends and traditions. It is said that during the installation of the sculpture, one of the workers who was never found was lost inside it.

It is also known that a continuous supply of concrete was necessary to create a solid foundation for the monument. Trucks that brought concrete to the construction site had the right not to follow any traffic rules, and the traffic police had no right to stop them.

Recently, near the monument, the All Saints Church was built, which organically fit into the general composition of the memorial, and also gave it a new sound.

Today, the 52-meter sculpture is the main attraction of Volgograd, causing sincere interest of hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the Earth.

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