Latest Version: 0.2.1 ("phantom")

SUBTERFUGUE is a framework for observing and playing with the reality of software; it's a foundation for building tools to do tracing, sandboxing, and many other things. You could think of it as "strace meets expect."

Update: I have moved on to other interests and SUBTERFUGUE has been dormant since 2001. Fortunately, excellent projects like AppArmor have provided other mechanisms to accomplish many the goals of this project. This site remains in the hope that it may be a useful source of history and ideas.



Trying it out

SUBTERFUGUE runs under Linux 2.4. It's implemented in Python, including a few Python extension modules written in C. Python 1.5.2 or later is required.

You can download the latest version of SUBTERFUGUE from the SUBTERFUGUE project page at SourceForge. A debian package is now available, too.

Mailing Lists

Please send bug reports, comments and patches to subterfugue-dev.


SUBTERFUGUE is free software, and may be redistributed and used under the terms of the GNU Public License.

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